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Hello Grant AME Worship Center,

I hope and pray that you and your families are safe and sound. COVID-19 has really disturbed what we use to call normal in our world. But even with all that’s happening in our world we can still call on the name of the Lord just like before and with even more compassion and tenacity. You and your families have been in my heart, mind and within my prayers. This has been a difficult time for my family and I, as I know it has been for yours as well. Remember we’re in this together.

For the foreseeable future we will continue to follow the US government, local government and CDC guidelines to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. Because we’re following the aforementioned guidelines, there will be no meetings at GWC. ALL ministries are asked to do teleconferencing and videoconferencing. This includes both of our benevolent ministries. (PSM and Transition Ministry)

To learn more about what Austin is doing concerning CORVID-19 please go to

Sunday morning worship will take place strictly online. The praise team, the musicians, the media team and selected trustees and stewards are to be the ONLY persons to be on campus on Sunday’s. (Police and other authorities are checking to see how many people are gathering at one time. As your pastor I choose to err on the side of compassion, safety and caution. What I’m doing is for you. Please let me be your pastor. Please follow leadership.)

The finance team of GWC has asked that each and every person sign up for Givelify so that you may give electronically. (look for Grant Worship Center or Grant AME Worship Center). If you would like to continue to give traditionally please contact a Finance Team or Steward Board member and he or she will come and pick up your tithe and offering. Or you can mail in your tithe/offering to:

Grant AME Worship Center
1701 Kramer Lane
Austin, TX 78758

GWC family and friends, in order to continue the operations of our church. We need you to continue with your stewardship. I would even ask that you give more during this season if your able because I know there will be others in our family of members who will be severely affected by the stoppage of work in our various communities. 

If you are an older member who needs groceries…prescriptions or just needs someone to shop for you please contact the church office or me personally. (972 795-2239;


Please check in on each other. Continue to check the various social media outlets and your email so that you may know what’s going in our church. Take this time off to recalibrate your life. To reconcile with your family and friends. And most importantly reconnect with Christ. 

We will have online bible study tomorrow evening @6pm. You may view on our website, and on our various Facebook pages. (Grant Worship Center public and private)

I would also like to thank you for the numerous phone calls and text messages I’ve received over that last couple of days letting me know that you were praying for me and supporting my leadership through this hectic season. And I want to thank you for the congratulations for successfully defending my doctoral project. I promise I will respond to each one personally. Please don’t take my silence negatively, I’m just listening to God to find out his next move for my family and for our church. “Speak Lord your servant is listening.” I love each one of you and I’m praying for you. May God Bless You!


To God Be The Glory,

Rev. Sylvester Delaney Patton III 
Senior Pastor Grant AME Worship Center

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